jen lowe

is from the desert.


I work with data, code, words, and plants in Northern California and Buenos Aires.

I write an occasional Sunday Letter, which you can subscribe to here:

I taught Math for Artists at NYU ITP and Data Visualization at SVA's Design for Social Innovation program. I was a researcher at the Spatial Information Design Lab at Columbia University. I cofounded the School for Poetic Computation and wrote the essay Clearing Space about the first class at SFPC. I've spoken at SXSW and Eyeo, and contributed ideas at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. My work has been published in Scientific American and covered by The New York Times and Fast Company. I cowrote The Book of Shaders with Patricio González Vivo. From 2014-2016, I shared my heartbeat online as One Human Heartbeat. In 2011 I made a particle motion wind visualization with lidar-derived wind data; it was an influencer of other wind visualizations :)

I'm a member of deeplab, a collaborative group of researchers, artists, writers, engineers, and cultural producers. I gave this talk in 2014 as part of the deeplab lecture series — it was prescient and I'm particularly proud of it:

From 2015-2019 I was the primary caregiver for my 2 adorable kids and did a deep dive into studying Western Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, earning a 2-year Certificate in Clinical Herbal Medicine. Plant medicine is poorly understood and thus wildly underutilized in the US and I'm thrilled to be a part of the herbal resurgence. (Someone should invite me to talk about this!)

I have a B.S. in Applied Math and a Master's in Information Science.

If you'd like to hire me for data science, speaking, writing, or an herbal consultation, please email jen at jenlowe dot net.

selected work

LUNA, with Patricio González Vivo.

Guayupia, for The Map is Not the Territory, with Patricio González Vivo

Library Project, at the SIDL with Laura Kurgan, Derek Watkins, and Annelie Berner

Port to Port, at the SIDL with Laura Kurgan, Derek Watkins, and Annelie Berner

selected talks

Deeplab Talk

Multiple Dimensions, Eyeo Talk with Laura Kurgan

The New Nature vs. Nurture: Big Data & Identity, SXSW Talk with Molly Steenson

Data & Memory, Eyeo Ignite Talk

selected writing & research

The Book of Shaders

Clearing Space

Two-component horizontal aerosol motion vectors in the atmospheric surface layer from a cross-correlation algorithm applied to scanning elastic backscatter lidar data